Victoria Colour Glass | Modern Colour Gallery
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Modern Colour Gallery

Residential Modern Kitchen Glass Splashbacks Gallery

This is modern color kitchen splashbacks virtual colour effect studio. Feel free to have a look at the most popular used classic colours in Australia.
Check out the Classic Kitchen Splashbacks Gallery, Elegant Kitchen Splashbacks Gallery or Modern Kitchen Splashbacks Gallery.

  • Peace of mind : 10 years guarantee on colour and paint adhesion.
  • Best price : Most affordable with Top Quality.
  • 50 different Mirror / Colours : Stylish and contemporary.
  • Much easier to clean than conventional stainless steel or tiles.
  • We can even do customization for your special kitchen.
Get an obligation free quotation for your new kitchen splashback in Coloured, SilkyMatt or Mirror now or Call us if you need Glass Lobbies, Writing Boards, Balustrades & Fences