Our Latest Product: SilkyMatt Marble Ceramics Printing Glass
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Our Latest Product: SilkyMatt Marble Ceramics Printing Glass

Our Latest Product: SilkyMatt Marble Ceramics Printing Glass

We are pleased to announce there is an exciting product: 6mm toughened SilkyMatt Marble Ceramics Printing Glass Splashback now available from Victoria Colour Glass in NSW, Australia.

This product looks very close to real marble, and still have anti-fingerprint SilkyMatt surface. Therefore it can be used in your kitchen splashback area, as well as your bathroom and lobby. The maximum length for each panel is 3640 mm, which is longer than marble and reconstituted stone (3000 mm), so we can achieve larger piece without join in your splashback area. We also can do book match, so the marble pattern is continue, even in corner area and two separate pieces with join.

We use ceramic printing method, which means we print ceramic ink behind glass first, then we toughened the whole glass and heat up to 700 degrees. Therefore it is heat-resistant, the pattern becomes part of the glass and will last forever. Unlike other companies, they use UV print method, which is much cheaper to print but not heat-resistant.

The burners on the cooktop could be only 50 mm from our toughened SilkyMatt marble ceramics printing glass, unlike reconstituted stone or UV printing glass, they need at least 200 mm.

For supply and install, the price is only about 10% of real marble, and 50% of reconstituted stone.

Please click the following link for online quotation:

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