Sydney Kitchen Splashback Ideas for Your Dream Home
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Sydney Kitchen Splashback Ideas for Your Dream Home

Sydney Kitchen Splashback Ideas for Your Dream Home

The kitchen is the heart of the your home. The secret to any good kitchen is the right splashback! Shop our wide selection of splashbacks in printed glass, colored glass, toughened mirror glass or latest kitchen matte glass splashback! Whatever is on the menu, you can ensure you have the best looking you need for you new kitchen!

  1. Kitchen color glass splashback This modern kitchen is accented by a lime glass splashback and glossy white cabinets. For a stark and modern aesthetic, look no further than color glass splashbacks for kitchens. They are easy to clean, given their flat surface, and can be found in many different colours, depending on your taste.

  2. Toughened mirror splashback for your kitchen In 2017, after our professional installer put this luxury toughened mirror splashback for a high-end penthouse in North Sydney, they wouldn’t want to leave the penthouse simply because they love it so much. It extends the Sydney harbor view from all direction and make your everyday living with a breath taking view  from every angel.

  3. Chalkboard Splashback – Black Matte Glass kitchen Splashback Forgetting your grocery list ? Or maybe some of the family’s schedule ? This is the idea for you. This is one of the most innovative kitchen splashback idea comes to our mind, simply due to the fact that you can draw on it with chalk! The idea comes from the chalkboard work we’ve done for an university classroom.

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