Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

What work needs to be done before you install my showerscreen?

You will need to ensure that the tiling is completed before we measure the shower area.

What can I do with my old showerscreen?

We will remove your old showerscreen.

How long does it take from when I place my order to when my showerscreen is installed?

This will depend upon the style of showerscreen that you choose. Your consultant will advise you of lead times.

What does the price include?

The price includes the products you have chosen , GST and their installation. In the case of showerscreens, we will remove your old showerscreen free of charge.

Can you provide a quote for the work involved?

We offer a free no obligation quote for all of our products. Our consultant will visit your home and measure the area for installation and provide a detailed quotation.

Where is the best location for my showerscreen?

This really does depend on the design of your bathroom and what your requirements are, however we are able to advise due to our vast knowledge and experience.


Click here to use our free quotation tool to get send us a quotation request and we will get back to you as soon as we can, as a thank you to you, we will give you 10% off the final price.

How do I care for my coloured glass?

We recommend for best results to use a streak free glass cleaner with a good quality paper towel or lint free cloth. Avoid abrasive harsh cleaners, scouring pads or steel wool; also avoid the use of spirits or solvents to clean the glass. Applying Enduro Shield will also make the cleaning easier.

How long does it take to manufacture my glass?

Manufacturing time is 7-10 working days on average from final measure, and a few days longer for complex shapes.

Is it a tidy installation?

Yes! All manufacturing is carried out in the factory, making for a clean and quick installation on site.

How is the coloured glass installed to the walls?

The coloured glass is installed using Strong industrial adhesives. The perimeters are sealed all the way around, making it completely sealed.

Can I have coloured glass behind my range hood canopy?

Yes! The range hood needs to be pre-fitted and fixing points need to be installed or marked out, also pre-fitting of ducting or marking out is necessary. The coloured glass gets installed first and then the range hood canopy.

At what stage is my project ready for measuring?

For a kitchen splashback this is ready when all cabinetry are installed, including overhead cupboards, bench tops, power points, switches, architraves, stoves and all fittings where the coloured glass is going to be installed.

Can I have power points or light switch’s in the glass?

Yes! This is no problem; as this is taken into account when we measure to allow for cutouts in the glass, ensure these are all fitted in walls prior to check measuring.

What condition do my walls have to be in for installation?

We can install our coloured glass on most surfaces that are reasonably level with no hi spots sticking out; this includes walls made from render, plaster, plasterboard, and repaired walls etc. We can also install glass splashback over existing tiles, stone and glass splashback without removal.

Is coloured glass / matte glass / mirror splashback safe?

Yes! Our coloured glass is suited for most conditions such as moist and heat areas, as it is toughened safety glass, (known as tempered glass) which is certified to meet Australian Standards AS1288/1994 and AS2047/1999 for use in domestic and commercial settings.

Is our glass transparent or opaque?

Our coloured glass is completely opaque therefore you don’t see any patches on the wall through the glass.

What size of glass can I have as one piece?

Depending on the length of your splashback we are able to complete jobs in one piece up to a length of 3655mm for toughened glass splashback, toughened mirror splashback and toughened printed marble splashback. For toughened matte splashback it is up to 3630mm long.

Get an obligation free quotation for your new kitchen splashback in Coloured, SilkyMatt or Mirror now or Call us if you need Glass Lobbies, Writing Boards, Balustrades & Fences