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Kithchen Splashbacks

Kitchen Glass Splashback Gallery

Kitchen Glass Splashback

At Victoria Color Glass, we offer Kitchen Color Glass Splashbacks, Kitchen Mirror Glass Splashbacks and Kitchen Matte Glass Splashbacks. We stay on top of the kitchen design industry. Innovation – it’s in our blood.

Below are some major benefits of using Color Glass/Mirror/Matte Glass splashbacks for your kitchen.

  1. Easy to clean – Being very sleek and flat, glass splashbacks will be easy to clean. Commonly, we only need to wipe the stain or spill, and it will be clean soon. We do not need to spend more money on cleaning substance on normal cases. This is practical and amusing for people who love cooking.
  2. Heat resistance – If you cook for hours and your glass splashbacks are exposed to heat for the entire time, it will be just fine. It will not change the shape or colors. It enables you to more worry free cooking. In addition to it, it keeps you farther from repair and maintenance.
  3. Colors choices – There are many choices for colors for glass splashbacks on market now. You can make sure that yours will be matching to kitchen design, theme, and style. This is a nice thing to have. No matter what your color choice, the glass will stay clear and bright.
  4. Small effort – Replacing the old splashbacks with one using glass will be small effort. However, this effort will give total big impact and change. This touch will changes your kitchen look into more classy and elegant kitchen. Meanwhile you do not need to spend too much money for this.
  5. Luxurious look – Being clear and bright, these glass splashbacks contribute luxurious touch on your kitchen. It looks like you already spent a lot of money for it while you actually don’t. This is how you make a change on your kitchen. Luxurious kitchen surely invites people to cook more.
  6. Light reflection – Glass splashbacks reflects your kitchen light well. You will have less shadow, and you will also get brighter kitchen without adding anymore lighting system. It will be comfortable for you to cook or bake, even when you o it in the middle of the night.
  7. Versatility – Versatility is commonly just a dream. However, glass splashbacks give versatility benefit in which you can make it just as you want it even to be installed on most challenging corners. This is totally possible to make and you will not need to make too much effort for it.

Those are performing benefits. Those are also invitation for you to follow the lead. If you have budget, make the improvement and add glass splashbacks on your kitchen.

Kitchen Splashbacks

Matte Glass Splashback

Matte Glass Splashback

Wiping over a glass splashback beats cleaning grease and splatters out of tile grout, but its surface is a haven for streaks and fingerprints. Matte glass splashbacks offer the best of both worlds, and are available in a wide range of colours.“They look great, are still smooth and easy to clean, and you don’t see the marks.”
Color Glass Splashback

Color Glass Splashback

All Victoria Colour Glass products are manufactured with a specialized coating for long term color adhesion. We offer an unlimited colour range plus computer colour-matching. Finishes include opaque, pearlescent, metallic, multi-colour and frost.
Mirror Glass Splashback

Mirror Glass Splashback

Love the idea of a mirror splash back ? Especially if you have a view. You can see the reflection an ocean or city behind you. Also great if you have a narrow kitchen, makes it feel bigger.
Get an obligation free quotation for your new kitchen glass splash back in Colored, Matte or Mirror now or Call us if you need Glass Lobbies, Writing board, Balustrade & Fences